UI, character textures, 2D icons and Font design for SNIFF SNIFF (Global Gamejam 2021 game)

Name of the game: Sniff Sniff
Link to the Game: Click Here

Available on: Windows/Mac/Linux

Textured the human characters in the PSX style for Sniff Sniff a game made in 48 hours for GlobalGameJam 2021 from  29th of January to the 31st of January. Did the 2D Icons of objects, as well as the frame that surrounds them, designed UI elements and a a Font for the timer.

Portuguese Subtitles for Stop Skeletons From Fighting Youtube Channel

Subtitles for a variety of SSFF Videos

Stop Skeletons From Fighting is an American Youtube channel run by Derek Alexander and Grace Kramer which delves into “weird, ambitious and unnecessary” aspects of video-games, focusing on things such as 3D on the Game Boy Advance or Full on FMV on Game Boy color or unique console controllers such as the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller.. They also do “Post Mortem” which is a deep dive into the history and timeline from a particular gaming related topic such as Mighty Number 9’s Kickstarter or Konami’s spotty relationship with Kojima.

Disney Pixar Cars Deep Dive #3 – Popular sayings

I don’t know when you, dear reader are reading this but at the time I write this holidays were only a few weeks ago. What we can define as holidays by itself is an interesting question when translating a flyer or even some a literary text because it means wildly different things in different contexts…