(European Portuguese) Localisation of Tales of the Neon Sea

Localised the point and click story driven single player game Tales of the Neon Sea, fully translating all strings, including dialogue, subtitles and interface. Link to the website: Click HereGame’s store page: Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation StorePlatform: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4/5, Xbox One/Series S/Series X

(European Portuguese) Marketing Translation for The Wreck

Localised a variety of marketing material to European Portuguese, including the Steam, E-shop, Playstation Store and Xbox Store pages for The Wreck. Link to the website: https://thewreckgame.com/Link to the Game’s Store Page: Steam, Playstation Store, Switch, Xbox Platforms: Steam, Playstation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series S/X

Consultation/Revision work for Wavetale

Proofread and revised the Portuguese localization of Wavetale making use of my knowledge of the Gender Neutral in order to correctly gender a Non-Binary character.

Link to the website: https://thunderfulgames.com/games/wavetale/
Link to the game’s store page: Click Here

Platforms: Google Stadia

UI, character textures, 2D icons and Font design for SNIFF SNIFF (Global Gamejam 2021 game)

Name of the game: Sniff Sniff
Link to the Game: Click Here

Available on: Windows/Mac/Linux

Textured the human characters in the PSX style for Sniff Sniff a game made in 48 hours for GlobalGameJam 2021 from  29th of January to the 31st of January. Did the 2D Icons of objects, as well as the frame that surrounds them, designed UI elements and a a Font for the timer.