Talking Translation #9- Worldwide or Internationally

They mean, at least according to context, the same thing right? If you’ve looked at the title of this blog post, and you probably have, you might be wondering what about those two words is enough to warrant a blog post. Michelle has been absent from writing blog posts for a year, and she returns with…

Talking Translation #7 – To Dobrar or to Duplicar

It’s the holidays as I’m writing this. Though that might not be the case while you are reading this, and in fact my attempts at evoking hot chocolate in a very picturesque Hollywood like interpretation of Christmas may fail as as you might celebrate Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere or be reading this In August…

Portuguese Subtitles for Stop Skeletons From Fighting Youtube Channel

Subtitles for a variety of SSFF Videos

Stop Skeletons From Fighting is an American Youtube channel run by Derek Alexander and Grace Kramer which delves into “weird, ambitious and unnecessary” aspects of video-games, focusing on things such as 3D on the Game Boy Advance or Full on FMV on Game Boy color or unique console controllers such as the Resident Evil 4 chainsaw controller.. They also do “Post Mortem” which is a deep dive into the history and timeline from a particular gaming related topic such as Mighty Number 9’s Kickstarter or Konami’s spotty relationship with Kojima.

Practical examples of Localisation 2 – I choo-choo-choose to translate

If there’s one thing that has become part of international pop culture through the simple fact that it has been airing for more than 30 years then the Simpsons is definitively it. It’s not a statement that I feel will be controversial, the characters of Homer, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge and so many others have…