Talking Translation #8 – The non binary and gender neutral in Portuguese

On Inclusive Language and “Grammaticality” Gender neutral language, and how it’s perceived and accepted by society is a particular topic of interest for me. It’s not just that my gender can be described as “that thing that takes weird shapes and is hard to define” or that it’s something that affects me on a personal…

How Buddy’s Parent Met – A game review

Some of my earliest memories were of playing puzzle games. Be it because they were simply to program in an era where shockwave flash games dominated or because my parents saw them as child friendly – in comparison to other flash games, I would later find on sites like Newgrounds they were a constant companion to my game time on pc. It was a format well suited to the platform, clicking and dragging pieces was something I could accomplish easily with the mouse and, much like Real-Time Strategy Games or Management games, it was a type of game I didn’t see working very well on consoles.

Talking Translation #7 – To Dobrar or to Duplicar

It’s the holidays as I’m writing this. Though that might not be the case while you are reading this, and in fact my attempts at evoking hot chocolate in a very picturesque Hollywood like interpretation of Christmas may fail as as you might celebrate Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere or be reading this In August…

Consultation/Revision work for Wavetale

Proofread and revised the Portuguese localization of Wavetale making use of my knowledge of the Gender Neutral in order to correctly gender a Non-Binary character.

Link to the website:
Link to the game’s store page: Click Here

Platforms: Google Stadia

Practical Example of Localisation 4- Let’s Scooby-Doo this reference

I feel I must start this post by promising as few spoilers as possible. When one deals with the latest Marvel movie, or a highly anticipated release to hold oneself to relative silence is not only the polite thing to do but also a good way to avoid getting murdered, or worse (to quote my…

Farol de Esperança: Antologia Hopepunk Book Review – or one that’s useless to you if you don’t speak Portuguese

I don’t pick up new books often. That’s a statement that might surprise you or it might a statement that, if you live in Portugal can make all the sense in the world. Really, I should rephrase that sentence a little, I don’t pick up books new, from bookstores often. My trips to thrift stores…

Writing Contributions To Other Websites

Websites to which I have contributed: Indie Gamer Team Nindie Nexus AnyDay Reviews Real Otaku Gamer On Collaboration: I have always believed that that which one can achieve in tandem with other people is far greater that that which one can accomplish alone. It might have been my binge watch repeat sessions of My Little Pony:…