A grande lista de jogos em Português de Portugal

(The Big list of games localised into European Portuguese)


For the longest time European Portuguese language translations were a rarity. With brazil having 15 times the Portuguese population and the two languages being deemed “similar” if not the same, despite the near seventy percent terminological difference In speciality text several companies from small to big simply reused their Brazilian Portuguese translation when giving players in Portugal the option to play in Portuguese. Surprisingly big companies and games have taken that route, such as Rockstar’s Gta V or most Ubisoft titles, and as an European Portuguese translator I was curious enough to try and create a list of games with Portuguese subs, and dubs.

Things have been getting better, mainly due to how much smaller the obstacles are to publishing and releasing a game on Platforms such as Steam or the Google Play Store and I can only point to the work of the Steam Curator “Legendas Português” who has provided a baseline from where to start, but when it comes to consoles the percentage is still relatively low.

Sony is probably the biggest publisher in terms of investing in the production of subtitles and dubs in European Portuguese but even they are not completely innocent on the matter with games such as Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale lacking them. Another big one would probably be Disney which released most of their kids games in Portuguese. On a more negative note however unfortunately when it comes to audio several companies have been stepping back in terms of European Portuguese. Such is the case with the Fifa series of games which, though it kept the European Portuguese localisation option no longer features Portuguese commentary. Games within “< >” indicate they were dubbed.

Now that I’ve painted a general image however, let me present you the (still incomplete, and likely will always be) list.

A grande lista de jogos em Português de Portugal

(The Big list of games localised into European Portuguese)

Prior to the 90s (8bit era and personal computers)

16 bit Era (Amiga, Super Nintendo, Mega Drive)

The Fifth generation of video game consoles (Playstation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64)

Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster and the Beanstalk
Warm up!
WRC: FIA World Rally Championship Arcade
<Dracula: The ressurection>
Uefa challenge
Viva Football
<Lego Island 2: The Brickster’s Revenge>
Return Fire
Primal Rage
Player manager: 98/99 Season
Player manager 2000
<Necronomicon: The Dawning of Darkness>
<The Jungle Book: Groove Party> (Title incorrectly translated as the Spanish Libro rather than the Portuguese Livro)
Disney Atlantis
European Super League
Firestorm Thunderhawk 2
Le Mans: 24 hours
Disney Pixar Monsters Inc: Scare Island
Dance Europe
<Disney Lilo and Stitch: Trouble in Paradise>
Disney Peter Pan: Adventures in Neverland
<Medievil 2>
<Euro 96>
<The Messenger>
Mary King’s Riding Star
Nicktoons Racing
X’treme roller
<Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone>
<Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets>
<Tombi> (widely advertised as the first game translated into PT PT)
<Hugo 2>
<Tintin: Destination Adventure>

The sixth generation of video game consoles (Dreamcast, PS2, the original Xbox, Gamecube)

<The Getaway 2>
<Ghost Hunter>
<Disney Cars>
<Sly 2: Band of thieves>
<Sly 3: Honor among Thieves>
<Eyetoy Play 2>
<Eyetoy Play 3>
<Eyetoy Play Sports>
<Fifa Uefa 04>
<Fifa 05>
<Fifa 06>
<Fifa 07>
<Fifa 08>
<Fifa 09>
<Buzz!: The Music Quiz>
<Buzz!: The BIG Quiz>
<Buzz!: The Sports Quiz>
<Buzz!: The Mega Quiz>
<Buzz!: The Hollywood Quiz>
<Buzz!: The Schools Quiz>
<Buzz!: The Pop Quiz>
<Buzz!: Brain of…>
<Buzz!: Quiz World>
<SingStar Party>
<SingStar Pop>
<SingStar 80s>
<SingStar Rocks>
<SingStar Anthems>
<SingStar Legends>
<SingStar Pop Hits>
<SingStar ’90s>
<SingStar Rock Ballads>
<SingStar Summer Party>
<Singstar Latino>
<SingStar Singalong with Disney>
<Singstar Portugal hits>

(Note that for the Portuguese release of those Singstar games the track list was changed to replace some of them with Portuguese Artists)

The seventh generation of video game consoles (PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii)

<Singstar Portugal Hits>
<Singstar Pop>
<Buzz: Quiz TV>
<Buzz: Brain of…>
<Buzz Quiz World>
<Buzz!: The Ultimate Music Quiz>
<Buzz! Quiz Player>
<Sly 4>
<Uncharted 2: Honor among thieves>
<Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception>
<Little Big Planet>
<Little Big Planet 2>
<Infamous 2>
<Killzone 3>
<God of War 3>
<The Sly Cooper HD collection>
<Ratchet and Clank Trilogy>
<Jak and Daxter Trilogy>
<God of War Collection>
<God of War 3>
<Fifa 08>
<Fifa 09>
<Fifa 10>
<Fifa 11>
<Fifa 12>
<Fifa 13>
<The Last of Us>

The eight generation (PS4, Xbox One, Wii U, arguably the Nintendo Switch)

<The Order 1886>
<Ghost of Tsushima>
<The last of Us>
<The Last of Us part 2>
<Until Dawn>
<Heavy Rain>
<Beyond Two Souls>
<Horizon Zero Dawn>
<Uncharted o Legado Perdido>
<InFamous Second Son>
<InFamous First Ligtht>
<Ratchet and Clank>
<The Uncharted Collection>
<Detroit: Become Human>
<Knack 2>
<Days Gone>
<Death Stranding>
<God of War>
<Last of Us>
<És tu!>
<Saber é Poder>
<Singstar: Frozen>
<Fifa 14>
Fifa 15
Fifa 16
Fifa 17
Fifa 18
Fifa 19
Fifa 20
Fifa 21
<Saber é Poder: Gerações>
<Concrete Genie>
<Little Big Planet>
<Pro Evolution Soccer 2016>
<Pro Evolution Soccer 2017>
<Pro Evolution Soccer 2018>
<Pro Evolution Soccer 2019>
<Pro Evolution Soccer 2020>
<Pro Evolution Soccer 2021>

Handheld stuff:

Mario Party Island (3ds)
New Super Mario bros 2 (3ds)
Daxter (PSP)
Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters (PSP)
Jak and Daxter the Last Frontier (PSP)
Agent Clank (PSP)
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone (GBA)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GBA)
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (GBC)
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GBC)